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paige white


Paige White is a visual artist and teacher living in Reno, Nevada. 


As an artist, Paige works in two distinct styles, figurative acrylic paintings and mixed media expressionist illustrations. Paige’s work has been shown in Cleveland, Ohio and the McKinley Arts & Culture Center, Reno Art Works, Potentialist Workshop, and Sierra Arts Foundation in Reno, Nevada.

Paige teaches art and math to seventh and eighth graders at a Montessori school. Her work with students focuses on creativity, personal expression, problem solving, divergent thinking, and sequential reasoning. 

Paige is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Sierra Nevada University. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She majored in Psychology and Philosophy and minored in Mathematics. Her final undergraduate Scholars Project included a 6’ x 6’ painting exploring philosophical theories of justice. From 2005 until 2015, Paige was the Communications Director and graphic designer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Ohio.

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